Headquarter of Ramakrishna Math & Mission

The Math and the Mission are the two key organisations that direct the work of the socio-religious Ramakrishna movement influenced by 19th-century saint Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and founded by his chief disciple Vivekananda. Also referred to as the Ramakrishna Order, the Math is the movement's monastic organisation. Founded by Sri Ramakrishna in 1886, the Math primarily focuses on spiritual training and the propagation of the movement's teachings. The Mission, founded by Vivekananda in 1897 is a humanitarian organisation which carries out medical, relief and educational programs. Both the organisations have headquarters at the Belur Math. The Mission acquired a legal status when it was registered in 1909 under Act XXI of 1860. Its management is vested in a Governing Body. Though the Mission with its branches is a distinct legal entity, it is closely related to the Math. The elected trustees of the Math also serve as Mission's Governing Body. Vedanta Societies comprise the American and Europian arm of the Movement and work more in purely spiritual field rather than social welfare.

In chapter IV of the Bhagavad Gita, Sri Bhagawan has said --- “Whenever there is a decline of dharma, O Bharata, and a rise of adharma, I Incarnate myself. For the protection of the good, for the destruction of the wicked, and for the establishment of dharma, I am Born in every age.” (VII & VIII)
A Short Brief of Guwahati Ramakrishna Mission.

The seed of the Ramakrishna Movement was sown in the soil of Guwahati immediately after the birth centenary of Bhagawan Sri Ramakrishna Deva (1936). A study circle was started initially and soon, a Samity with the title of “Ramakrishna Seva Samity” was constituted in 1939. The Samity was registered under the Society’s Registration Act 1860 in September 1940. Guwahati Municipal Corporation was pleased to give a plot of land at Chhatribari on lease and the Samity started its spiritual and philanthropic activities from that place. The “Ramakrishna Seva Samity” was then renamed as “Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Guwahati”. Over the years, expansion of activities in spiritual and philanthropic fields took place, and new initiatives were taken for spreading the message of Ramakrishna-Vivekananda among the masses.

Swami Vivekananda

“Strength is Life, Weakness is Death. Expansion is Life, Contraction is Death. Love is Life, Hatred is Death.”

Sri Sri Sarada Devi

"As you smell the fragrance of a flower by handing it or the smell of sandalwood by rubbing it against a stone, so you obtain spiritual awakening by constantly thinking of God."

40thNational Youth Day Celebration 2024

Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Guwahati organized a series of programmes i.e. Yoga, Guided Meditation, Public Meeting, etc. on 12th January 2024, to observe the 40th National Youth Day celebration.

As part of the event, a demonstration of Yoga was organized in the early hours of the day attended by about 45 members comprising youths, young children and adults. The Yoga session was led by Sri Subhabrata Mukherjee, a masterful Yoga teacher along with his co-workers benefiting the participants and making the session a success.Soon after the successful completion of the yoga session, a guided meditation session was organized. Swami Ajatananda conducted the Meditation session, guiding the participating youths through a half an hour of mindful meditation, benefiting the participants immensely. As a part of the National Youth Day Celebration the Youth Cell Members, volunteers of the Ashrama accompanied by Br. Devichaitanya garlanded and offered floral tributes in the Swamijee’s Burst at Kamakhya Peeth. A Public meeting was also held